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Study of the book something to declare
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The purpose of analyzing the book of essays Something to Declare by Julia Alvarez is to establish the differences between Dominican and American …

Technology: Killing Our Ability Of Writing
Student Written Essay
Introduction: As the technology advanced, people have changed the way of how they write. Haimran Julka, an article writer of The Economic Times mentions that there…

Study on imagining motherhood
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The author, like all women, displayed the anxiety of not having children, almost being a 40 year-old woman. She justified herself in the …

Impact of Technology on Information
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Write 1500-2000 words explaining with example how technology has changed the way information is used. Your essay should cover four technologies.

Understanding the context of the bible
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Although the bible is a superb story-book, full of exciting tales well told, But it is more than just a collection of stories.

Market Characteristics, Pest Analysis
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Among all writing instruments, ballpoint pen is widely used today due to their low cost and convenience in writing on paper of different surfaces. The current …

Impact of WW1 on Ernest Hemingway’s Poetry
Student Written Dissertation
Introduction: Hemingway’s sixty-two years were packed with excitement. Living through adventure after adventure, he told stories of his life and love on jungles…

Industry Analysis: Porters 5 Forces Model
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Since the ballpoint pens are products used every day and are basically consumable supplies, it exhibits constant and inelastic demand pattern.

Impact of ICT on recruitment and selection
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The aim of this report is to identify traditional methods of recruitment and how they have been revolutionized by the emergence of the Internet.

Oligopolistic Market Structure Of Asian Sky Shop
Student Written Essay
Introduction: “Teleshopping in India has been completely transformed through a past couple of years, yet there is still lack of organization in the industry. For my…

A Look At Ngugi Wa Thiongo
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Ngugi Wa Thiongo, a Kenyan writer of Gikuyu descent, began a very successful career writing in English before turning to work almost entirely …

Is Print Media Dead in the 21st Century?
Professionally Written Essay
Introduction: A discussion on the relevance of print media in the 21st century. Do advances in digital media make print media expensive and impractical?

The Origin And Nature Of Money
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The literature on the origin of money traces the evolution of money in different parts of the world. It explains the transition from direct …

Foreign workers: Economic and social issues
Student Written Essay
Introduction: To maintain Singapore’s social and industrial harmony, it is crucial to address the foreign workers’ basic and psychological needs.

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