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How to write a medical paper

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Occupational Therapy Communication
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Occupational Therapy is a new and developing profession in the medical felid. Along with all other professions Occupational Therapy is unique to itself. It includes a specific…

Handwriting recognition software
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Handwriting recognition is said to be growing rapidly in the current globalization. Handwriting recognition is something that is able to describe the ability of …

Importance of Statistical Research in Medicine
Student Written Essay
Introduction: A brief review through almost any recently published medical journal will show that statistical methods play an increasingly important role in modern…

Good Scientific Writing: Science or Art?
Student Written Essay
Introduction: A scientific paper must succeed to clearly demonstrate how the research work is carried out and what results have been achieved through this research.

Using a Pencil for Drawing
Student Written Essay
Introduction: A pencil is an instrument that you can use it for writing or drawing. People use pencils in the schools, offices, houses to write anything they want…

An Overview of Tourette’s Syndrome
Student Written Essay
Introduction: What is TS you may ask? TS can be divided into two groups, motor tics, and vocal tics; and in those two groups you can have simple and complex motor…

‘Medicalization’ in Current Health Policy
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Medicalization has greatly increased the emphasis on the delivery of clinical services to individuals, often at the expense of population-based solutions.

Background of steganography
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Steganography has been derived from Greek word “Stego” which means “Covered” and “Graphia” which means “writing”.

Ernest Hemingway’s Indian Camp – Analysis
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The Indian Camp is generally recognized as one of Hemingway’s best and most interesting short stories. It primarily focuses on the relationship between father…

Case Study: Harold Shipman
Student Written Essay
Introduction: In July 1998 the Greater Manchester Police began an inquiry into Kathleen Grundy’s death, a patient of Dr Shipman, the inquiry was rapidly widened to…

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