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The nuclear power
Student Written Essay
Introduction: I am writing this essay to debate the idea of having nuclear power developed for future use by us.

Cinema’s Impact On Society
Student Written Essay
Introduction: In the subcontinent there are numerous traditions and practices that are based on ignorance and which have captivated the progress of the …

Robert Mapplethorpe Photography Analysis
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Some view Mapplethorpe’s photography purely as pornography, believing it impossible to classify photographs of naked men and women as art.

The Art Of Modern Burlesque Drama Essay
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The meaning of burlesque has changed throughout its varied history; the earliest form of burlesque can be traced back to Chaucer and…

Work of clifford geertz in history
Student Written Essay
Introduction: With the publishing of his book, ‘The Interpretation of Cultures’ in 1973, Geertz has often been hailed as the champion of symbolic anthropology.

The speaking skill
Student Written Essay
Introduction: English today is believed to be the most influential medium in bridging the global communication.

Female Defiance Of A Patriarchy Society
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Patriarchal can be defined as a social system where the roles of males are at the heart of social organization, and where also they hold authority …

Media Essays – News Citizen Journalist
Student Written Essay
Introduction: We live in an era of information overload: it requires no groundbreaking analysis to establish this. Society is bombarded from every angle with news…

Jonathan Swift’s ‘A Modest Proposal’
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Jonathan Swift’s ‘A Modest Proposal’ is a perfect example of the biting sarcasm and sharp wit that was exercised in the satire of the early eighteenth century.

Popular Music in Film | Research
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This study aims to look into pre-existing popular music in film, it’s use and place within modern film making, with express interest in determining…

Empowerment Children And Young People
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The subject of globalisation has always aroused a significant level of interest across all disciplines and it was highly interesting to explore the…

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